4 Creative Ways to Use Newsletters to Boost Company Culture

September 30, 2020

Millions of remote workers facing the simultaneous distractions of keeping families healthy in the midst of a pandemic, managing childcare, at-home or online schooling, and other daily distractions are finding the ability to stay productive extremely challenging.  Thus companies are looking for non-traditional ways to foster engagement as a means of connection. One solution can be found in reimagining the traditional company newsletter in a way that embodies the perfect blend of business updates and fun; something your team can look forward to seeing in their inbox as a means of staying connected.

At our company, this is how “Wilks Weekly Wins” was born.

Wilks Weekly Wins is a weekly celebration of anything and everything the team has accomplished in the previous seven days.  It was created by a team member who holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and who is passionate about celebrating her co-workers through the written word. The central element of the newsletter – or, the “news” part of it – is a synopsis of each team’s biggest client wins of the week. From this nucleus stems endless potential for fun additions that help the staff feel informed, appreciated, and laugh like they’re watching a favorite episode of The Office. WCG employees have responded to the newsletter with overwhelming enthusiasm, expressing how much they look forward to kicking off the weekend by reading the most recent edition.

Since we have found success in engaging our staff via our Weekly Wins, we wanted to share a few ways you can transform your company’s internal newsletter from just another email into a celebration of organizational values, company culture and shared success.

Share Success

As previously mentioned, the foundation of our newsletter is a roundup of client wins for the week. A “win” can mean anything from a new client engagement, launching a campaign, or securing a placement in a major media outlet.

As an agency with a broad and growing client roster, our team members do not all work on the same projects or even the same accounts. Showcasing the accomplishments of others is not only a way to keep staff up to date on agency-wide initiatives, but also serves as a platform for each team to shine, allowing every individual to feel proud of their contributions, while finding inspiration in the amazing work being done by peers.

Make it Personal

Acknowledging the unique acts of friendship and kindness that our team bestows on one another makes people feel noticed, a key factor in supporting a positive company culture.

This summer, we added a “Best Quotes of the Week” section to the newsletter to round up unpredictable and hilarious quotable moments from our daily Zoom call, creating inside jokes that the whole company can enjoy.

Earlier this year, when we were still working at the office, our newsletter author took notice of an employee surprising co-workers by sneaking into their office and leaving with whimsical drawings on their white boards. Photos of the drawings then made their way into that week’s installment of Weekly Wins, a moment of levity that also acknowledged the individual creativity of team members.

Think Outside the Office

Another way we elevate your newsletter is to take it outside the boundaries of work by including relatable lifestyle features. This can range from shared articles with rare historical photographs, links to fun weekend activities in your area (for us, it’s Chicagoland), tips on new restaurants, or even routes for scenic autumn drives.

Including lifestyle features acknowledges that employees are well-rounded people with interests outside of work. We’ve found our staff really enjoy these bits and many have begun to submit their own articles or ideas of interest.

 chicago skyline

The Sky is the Limit

When creating a one-of-a-kind newsletter for your one-of-a-kind company, creativity is the name of the game. Include hilarious GIFs or links to movie clips to drive engagement, or outtakes of team photos for a laugh.

One example of employee-generated content that drove engagement appeared in our Valentine’s Day newsletter. After seeking submissions for team members’ favorite love songs, our newsletter author compiled everyone’s top choices into a Valentine’s Day playlist, and sent a surprise link in that week’s newsletter. It was so popular that we played the “WCG Love Soundtrack” at our company retreat. (Click here to check out our team’s Valentine’s Day playlist!)

Where there is an opportunity to get creative and have fun, there is an opportunity to connect with your staff. Seize the moment and let your imagination lead you.

In today’s disconnected world, it’s more important than ever to explore new ways to boost morale and company culture through a unique company newsletter. If you’re interested in more tips for connecting with your employees, or if you’d like to learn more about our creative content capabilities, email us at

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