Content Repurposing: 6 Ways to Maximize Your Content

September 23, 2020
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Relevant and compelling content is one of the most important tools you can use to keep your audience engaged with your brand while simultaneously attracting new followers. In today’s fast-paced world of content marketing, repurposing existing content is the name of the game. After all, creating a well-researched, carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed content piece takes hours, if not days, to bring to life, and you want it to work hard for you.

One way to give your content a longer lifespan and expanded reach is to boost it with social pushes and paid advertising. However, your audience is not likely to keep engaging with the same content piece over and over again. The most powerful way to maximize the potential of each hard-earned piece of content is to break down one large piece of content into smaller pieces to amplify its reach. This strategy not only saves your content team from creative burnout, but it serves as a megaphone to a wider audience, amplifies SEO opportunities, and strengthens your brand’s digital footprint. To help your brand’s content work for you, Wilks Communications Group has created the information guide below to help inspire new, creative ways to repurpose older content.

Narrow Down Your Options

At WCG, we recommend selecting a longer piece of content such as a market research report, case study, or whitepaper to repurpose. Your content marketing team likely put a substantial amount of time into creating these complex reports, so utilizing every opportunity to promote their work should take priority over drafting the next big report. Because these long-form content pieces contain varied information, they offer the greatest potential to be broken down into smaller, highly focused pieces that can be optimized for various marketing channels. This infographic demonstrates multiple ways to delineate your content pathways.

Content repurposing

Capitalize on Audio Popularity

Once your team has identified which content has the legs to transform into new forms, we recommend utilizing audio platforms if possible. The digital audio marketing space has taken off lately due to an upsurge in podcast popularity, an increase number of music streaming platforms and a growing number of online radio users. Rather than ideating completely new topics to discuss on a podcast or radio segment, consider repurposing an older piece of content that performed well for your brand in the past to discuss the topic at-hand. This ensures that your audience is interested in the topic while allowing your brand to reach a new group of digital listeners. Additionally, once the podcast is complete, further maximize that content by leveraging it in testimonials, feature it in a paid advertisement, repurpose it into a webinar series or create an infographic.

Strategize an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

To increase user engagement opportunities, transform the topic of an existing piece of content into an e-mail marketing campaign. E-mail marketing campaigns allow brands to connect with their audience on a more personalized level, help track engagements through measurable KPIs, increase company leads in a cost-effective manner, and generate traffic to a specific page on your website. To further maximize this content, recreate pieces from your e-mail marketing campaign into infographics, static web content, paid advertising, or use contents in an upcoming blog post.

Utilize Social Channels

Social media allows your brand to broadcast content across numerous platforms and further helps connect with a new and larger audience. Social posts have the added benefit of engaging with your customers through surveys, polls, and quizzes. Your brand can also repurpose the social video or photo into a newsletter, a blog post, or a paid advertisement. Social posts also provide your brand with the opportunity to use SEO keywords in hashtags, attracting new customers to your brand.

Retool your Press Releases

To maximize the potential of your press releases, consider adding the contents of the press release to an online toolkit, showcasing key statistics in a presentation, use as keynote speaking opportunities or adding its link in your brand’s monthly newsletter. All these options provide your company with the opportunity to reach a wider audience and give more life to a potentially short-lived press release.

Transform Video Content

Humans, by nature, are highly engrossed by video stimuli – we are visual people. According to Think With Google, 60% of people prefer watching videos online over watching live TV. To capitalize on this trend, brands should use video content for an increase in engagement rates, impressions, and remain more memorable. Wilks Communications Group encourages brands to transform long form content pieces into a webinar series, social posts, and embed them into presentations or digital advertisements.


If your brand has a high-performing and captivating blog, consider amplifying the blog on social media or featuring the topic in a video series or podcast episode using the original post as a blueprint. Brands can also use a well-performing post as an enticing attention grabber in your newsletter headers to attract subscribers into viewing the post.

Repurposing your content is a fantastic way to foster team motivation, boost SEO opportunities, and expose new audiences to your brand. At Wilks Communications Group, we help our clients maximize the effectiveness of their content to broaden their marketing reach and grow their business.

To learn more about ways in which WCG can optimize your branded content, contact for more information, and click here to download our helpful guide to content repurposing.

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