The Explorers: Selling Success in a Global Crisis

September 21, 2020
Explorers photo

“The Explorers: Navigating the Unknown Future” is back for episode two, where we sit down with executive sales consultant Brent Allen, CEO of Blue Shore Partners. Brent works with B2B and B2C sales teams who are struggling to turn their businesses around in the crux of a pandemic and economic recession.

On this episode, we will explore how sales teams are adjusting their tactics in the face of changing customer behaviors and the challenging economic climate, including:

• Why “cold calls” no longer exist
• How to forge a meaningful connection with sales targets on virtual platforms
• Why Brent is skeptical about the staying power of “work from home”

Watch to learn more about how industry leaders are weathering the storm and share a meaningful moment as Brent reveals a challenge from his personal life that has prepared him for this moment in his career.

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