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Nielsen-Massey Vanillas: Social Community Engagement

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, a family-owned manufacturer of gourmet vanillas and flavors, engaged WCG to expand their social media followers and engagement.

+ 24 %
Social media followers
4 X
Engagement vs. Industry standard

The Challenge:

As a popular consumer brand, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas sought to expand their social media following and engagement with retail and online shoppers. As a longstanding vanilla and flavors expert with over a century of experience, they wanted to communicate their unique brand story and connect with home bakers on a personal, emotional level.

Our Solution:

We designed a social media channel strategy, focusing on platforms where most of the brand’s target audience spends their time online. By creating a detailed monthly social media calendar, we highlighted key baking occasions and laddered up to larger Nielsen-Massey marketing campaigns. We repurposed assets across social channels and ensure content was on-trend, seasonal and visually captivating. We also used paid media to boost priority content and optimize social media efforts. To track results and find opportunities for community engagement, we conducted daily social listening.

The Impact:

Using our detailed social media campaign, we helped grow Nielsen-Massey’s social media followers by 24% in 2019 across their Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest channels. The average engagement rates on these channels were over four times the industry average.

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