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Living Water International – COVID-19 Public Health Earned Media Campaign 

Living Water International (LWI) is a global non-governmental organization with a mission to provide sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene programs for millions of people in the developing world.

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The Challenge:

The Living Water International team aimed to secure international media coverage about their widespread responses to COVID-19 around the world. By highlighting LWI’s vital programs and unique public health strategies, the organization tasked Wilks with elevating their reputation as a leading WASH (water, access, sanitation, hygiene) non-governmental organization. The goal of securing earned media coverage about LWI’s work would also serve to increase donations for their clean water programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Solution:

Because Living Water International works in developing countries, the WCG team devised a media relations strategy that focused on interventions in Latin America (Mexico, Haiti, and Peru), and Africa (East and West Africa), the locations where Living Water has the most compelling, newsworthy COVID-19 responses.

Our team produced several pitches for each region that were tailored to specific reporters focused on covering certain countries and/or continents. The depth and breadth of our contacts, media correspondence materials, and related assets/information about each one of LWI’s vital humanitarian projects, served as a springboard for subsequent media relations outreach.

The Impact:

WCG’s earned media campaign on behalf of LWI helped establish the organization’s credibility as a leading global public health NGO. By chronicling their most important, newsworthy projects, with quotes from their regional experts, Living Water became part of an important media conversation about the optimal strategies for addressing the novel virus pandemic. The credibility built with international reporters/editors and publications also helped serve to solidify Living Water as a source for key contacts for years to come on issues related to public health, humanitarianism, clean water access, and much more.

Living Water was featured in more than 15 distinct international media outlets, across more than 30 media placements reaching 81.7MM people. The sheer spectrum of media coverage provides Living Water a chance to enhance its reputation as a truly global organization with leading experts in their fields.

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