5 Easy Ways to Amplify Media Coverage

January 27, 2021
Amplify media coverage

A headline could be the harbinger of your brand to millions of new eyes, but in a crowded media landscape that is operating at warp speed, the spotlight is fleeting. Now that you have landed a great story, here are five easy ways to amplify earned media for maximum impact.

Leverage Your LinkedIn: New research shows consumers’ use of mobile platforms surpassed live TV in 2020, with audiences turning to TikTok, Facebook and less conventional channels as their source for news. Sharing a third-party endorsement on social media – and making sure to tag the reporter and the outlet – not only adds to your brand’s credibility but opens the door to scores of new potential stakeholders. Utilizing LinkedIn specifically for B2B outreach may lead to your organization’s story being picked up by the platform’s Mentioned in the News Feature, again showcasing your content to a broader array of potential new followers.

Celebrate on Internal Channels: Always remember to engage a critically important audience – your own internal organization. Sharing positive media coverage through employee newsletters or other platforms can be a powerful way to boost morale and drive pride and engagement within your organization. As a bonus, some staff may choose to share links to media coverage with their own personal networks, further boosting its impact and visibility.

Post to the Website: Your organization’s website is often one of the first places a potential client will visit to learn more about you. Adding and updating media coverage to a designated landing page positions your brand as not only an industry leader but as an organization demonstrating real-time impact and relevancy in the marketplace. This can also inspire future content in a branded blog post.

(Humble) Brag in Email Marketing: Including the article in a newsletter or mail blast to external stakeholders to potential customers or partners can place the article directly into the hands of those you want most to see it. Favorable earned media coverage provides your brand with valuable third-party credibility and is far more powerful in driving engagement than any paid advertisement.

Don’t Lose the Link: Branded search visibility based on keywords or links is an important step in search engine optimization and can move your organization upward in search engine rankings. If a reporter’s news organization doesn’t include a hyperlink to your organization in its online coverage, do not be afraid to follow up to ask if they would mind adding a link.

Simply put, securing media coverage is rewarding work in and of itself, but it is only half the battle. It is what you do with that coverage that truly maximizes its impact on your brand and can extend engagement much further.

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