The Road to The New York Times Goes Through the Muncie Star

The Road to The New York Times Goes Through the Muncie Star

During Oprah Winfrey’s longstanding reign as media queen of daytime television, it became only a matter of time before virtually every new consumer-facing client expressed a desire to get their product on her show. And while Oprah’s show no longer airs, clients’ obsession with placement in the biggest media outlet endures. Some of the familiar favorites include The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, Today Show, Ellen and Good Morning America. But sometimes bigger, in terms of … [Read more...]

Beware the Jabberwock: How too much of today’s business writing gets lost gyring and gimbling in the wabe

As a big fan of Lewis Carroll, aka Charles Dodgson, I’ve always been fascinated at the playfulness of his prose and poetry, filled with alliteration and onomatopoetic references that trip off the tongue while still managing to convey clear meaning in a whimsical way. Unfortunately, much of the business writing we see today is filled with mind-numbing, boring jargon seemingly designed to avoid conveying much of anything at all. It’s as if writers are following the advice of Humpty Dumpty when … [Read more...]

How Social Media Has Become an Essential Tool for Investor Relations

Marketing and corporate communications departments at public companies have for years embraced social media to drive engagement across a broad range of constituencies.  However, investor relations, because of historic concerns about legal constraints related to disclosure, has been a relative latecomer to the party. After all, most analysts and institutional investors have also been slow to climb onto the social media bandwagon. Investors typically rank social media sources as very low in … [Read more...]