5 Creative Flavors to Include in Your Next Recipe Post, Based on Food Trends

5 Creative Flavors to Include in Your Next Recipe Post, Based on Food Trends

Both consumers and chefs get tired of cooking and eating the same meals over and over again. And yet, it’s not easy to constantly find new recipes and stay on top of the fast-paced and often short-lived culinary trends. Luckily, our team at Wilks Communications Group is dedicated to following emerging food trends to help inspire recipes that can mix up your culinary creations.  Below are a few trending flavor ideas based on recent reports by market research group Mintel. While it’s no … [Read more...]

Six Natural Product Innovation Trends You Need to Be Aware of this Year

We recently attended a Chicagoland Food and Beverage Network (CBFN) event where consumer insights group SPINS presented Natural Product Trend Predictions for 2019. This year is shaping up to be huge for brands that are willing to innovatively incorporate new ingredients into their products – check out our take on a few of the key trends below. The Benefits of Bitters Consumers’ palates are evolving beyond simple flavors like sweet and salty as they start to appreciate bitter flavors in a … [Read more...]

5 Food-Related Trends and Why They Matter in 2019

Our team of food experts walked the floor at the recent Fancy Food Show where thousands of exhibitors were showcasing new and interesting food and flavor products. Here are some of the key trends we identified: Plant-Based, More than a Buzzword As Americans obsess about clean labels and sustainability in the food they eat, alternatives to traditional dairy and meat products have exploded in popularity among health-conscious shoppers. In the U.S. alone, sales of plant-based food products … [Read more...]