How Social Media Has Become an Essential Tool for Investor Relations

Marketing and corporate communications departments at public companies have for years embraced social media to drive engagement across a broad range of constituencies.  However, investor relations, because of historic concerns about legal constraints related to disclosure, has been a relative latecomer to the party. After all, most analysts and institutional investors have also been slow to climb onto the social media bandwagon. Investors typically rank social media sources as very low in … [Read more...]

4 Questions Every Aspiring Author Must Answer

The statistics are staggeringly discouraging: if you think that writing a book will automatically place you on the path to riches and fame, think again. Having worked with a great variety of authors over more than two decades, we often seek to understand the underlying motivations of a would-be best-selling author before agreeing to an engagement. And, while authors can occasionally turn a tidy profit on their opus, for many, the definition of success does not always include turning a profit … [Read more...]

Behind a Big PR Win: How Relationship-Building Led World Vision to Rachael Ray

  A five-minute segment on The Rachael Ray Show featuring your organization’s mission and inviting viewers to get involved: sound like a PR fantasy? Wilks Communications Group helped make it a reality for Global NGO World Vision, last week in a segment featuring celebrity spokesperson Patricia Heaton and an alpaca named Twist. Securing this opportunity took personal attention, good timing, and a long-term commitment to cultivating positive relationships. Here’s how these ingredients came … [Read more...]

Why Active Management of Customer Engagement is Important

When it comes to converting consumers into customers, strategic communications is an essential tool. Whether you are part of a startup organization or a 100-year-old industry leader, the critical mandate for business success is to drive awareness and consideration for your products or services. The trick is to sustain an initiative that leads to engagement over time by moving your target from awareness, toward familiarity and finally purchase. Too many organizations simply pursue the one-off – a … [Read more...]

Newsjacking 101: 3 Tips to Capitalize on Current Events

Earlier this year, The Atlantic published an article analyzing the volume of original content – stories, graphics, interactives, and blog posts – being published each day in major U.S. news outlets. The New York Times, generally considered the most prestigious newspaper in the United States, checked in with an average of 230 pieces of original content per day. Ostensibly, with around 1,300 newspapers in the U.S (and using the NY Times’ output as an industry-standard), that means there are almost … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Nonprofit Social Media Success

If someone asked you to name five nonprofit organizations on the spot, what would be your answer? While some might think first of their favorite local charity, chances are that organizations like the American Cancer Society, Salvation Army, American Red Cross and Habitat Humanity would be common responses. And for good reason, since they are among the largest nonprofit agencies in the United States, and have the capacity to market themselves in a way more closely associated with for-profit … [Read more...]